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Dad's Hilarious Billie Eilish 'Dad Guy' Parody Sums Up Fatherhood

Dad's Hilarious Billie Eilish 'Dad Guy' Parody Sums Up Fatherhood

A few weeks ago when Billie Eilish’s hit song “Bad Guy” dethroned Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” as No.1 on the Billboard charts after a historic 19-week run, many took note. With lyrics like “So you're a tough guy/Like it really rough guy/Just can't get enough guy/Chest always so puffed guy,” the song is insanely catchy, but a family anthem it is not. That is, until a father got hold of it and exchanged all the lyrics for dad jokes.

“I made Billie Eilish's ‘Bad Guy’ into a 3-minute-long musical dad joke,” Reddit user FunkTurkey, whose real name is Kurt Conner, wrote when he shared the video online. “I present ‘Dad Guy.’”
The video that follows opens on Conner’s toddler son sitting in a high chair as a big dad arm reaches over and plops a taco on the tray in front of him - which the child instantly opens up (of course), dumping all the fillings out.

The original lyrics, which start out, “White shirt now red, my bloody nose/Sleeping, you're on your tippy toes/Creeping around like no one knows/Think you're so criminal,” now become “White shirt, now red, that's taco sauce/Eating, just sitting on my phone/Plucking, grey hair out my nose/Thinking ‘bout Just For Men.” Somehow, Conner manages to keep a straight face and match his tune to the existing music perfectly.

The following three minutes are filled with a montage of typical dad scenes: Mowing the lawn, napping with the baby, being a source of embarrassment for his teenage son, working in a cubicle, relaxing on the couch and occasionally trying to fit in a run. You know, basically all the stuff that your dad - and now your partner - probably spend their time doing.

And all the while, Conner makes pitch-perfect observations. Things like, “less hair than I’ve ever had,” while looking panicked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. And, “I make a joke and your eyes roll,” which, who hasn’t been there? One of the most relatable moments comes when he’s relaxing with a magazine and waves his older son off with a, “You ask, I say go ask your mom.”

But it’s the chorus that really drives the song home. “Used to be a tough guy/Like it really rough guy/Just can’t get enough guy/Just always so puff guy/Now I’m that dad type/Sunday mow the yard type/Did you change your oil type/Entire bag of chips guy/I’m the dad guy (dinner’s ready)” he sings.
At press time, the video had already been viewed over one million times, proving it’s basically the new official anthem for dads everywhere.

“Very well done,” one commenter wrote. “Shared it with my 12-year-old daughter. She rolled her eyes.”

“My 15-year-old actually cracked a smile... THEN rolled her eyes,” said another.

Conner, who lives in Dallas, Texas, appeared pleased by their reactions. “Excellent,” he wrote under some of the comments. “The song is making them roll their eyes as intended. The experiment was a complete success.”

All in all, truly peak dad behavior.
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