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Snow White Soothing a Boy With Autism Has Restored Our Faith in Magic

Snow White Soothing a Boy With Autism Has Restored Our Faith in Magic

Every parent has fantasized about what it would be like to surprise their kids with a trip to Disney World. When Lauren Bergner and her husband took their three sons to Epcot and their youngest, Brody, who has autism, started to have a meltdown, Snow White swooped in to save the day - convincing them that the theme park really is the most magical place on earth.

Bergner took to Facebook to share the fairytale moment, posting an email she sent to Disney.
“I wanted to share an amazing experience that I had today,” she wrote. She goes on to explain that the family had been waiting to meet Snow White when Brody, who is nonverbal, started having a meltdown.

By the time it was their turn to take pictures with the Disney Princess, he appeared to want no part of it. But rather than look to Mom to calm him down or moving on to the next child, Bergner says Snow White took Brody for a walk to get him away from the crowds and help him feel less overwhelmed.

“My son was having an autism meltdown,” she explains in her post. “He was crying and was overwhelmed and just having a hard time. Snow White was amazing with him! She kissed, hugged and cuddled him. He was laying his head crying on her lap. She then took him for a walk away from the crowd! She was amazing.

She held his hand, danced with him, took him over to a bench and sat with him. She went above and beyond!! She took so much time with him. She was a pure angel! She was magical and my family is forever thankful and touched!”

Bergner then asked Disney to put her in touch with the actress who was playing Snow White that day so the family could personally thank her. “Please make sure she is recognized,” she finished the note. “We will never forget this moment.”

The post, which at press time had received nearly 300,000 likes and been shared 89,000 times, instantly went viral.

Because Brody is sensitive to noise and crowds, Bergner spent the six months leading up to the trip preparing him for what to expect, she told a reporter with Today. Still, the Florida August heat and overstimulation from going on rides with his older brothers all morning created the perfect storm.

“Brody was overheated, sweating and overwhelmed by everything,” she said. “He just started crying."

Snow White reacted so fast when she saw their son in distress, all Bergner and her husband could do was look on in awe. “I lost it,” she said. “I was crying. She led him to a bench and he was leaning into her and she was hugging him. Brody loves squeezes and soft, soothing voices.”

While Brody was off having a grand ole time with Snow White, Bergner said she briefly worried the other families waiting in line to see her would be upset. But that turned out not to be the case. “I turned around and they started clapping,” she said. “It was this magical moment that we will never, ever forget.”

One stranger who witnessed the whole thing even captured a video of Brody running and dancing with Snow White and later sent it to Bergner.

“Wow!” Bergner wrote when she shared it on Facebook. “Someone in the parks sent me this video! The love and magic continue.”
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