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Ashton Kutcher Breaks His Toe Getting His Daughter Back to Bed

Ashton Kutcher Breaks His Toe Getting His Daughter Back to Bed

It’s nice to know that the struggle to get our kids to sleep in their own beds is universal. Celebrity parents Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are in the thick of it right now, trying to keep their 4-year-old daughter Wyatt from coming into their bed at night. And they haven’t escaped from those bedtime battles unscathed: Kutcher just admitted that while bringing Wyatt back to her room recently, he actually broke his toe.

In an appearance on Live With Kelly & Ryan, Kutcher explained that it’s his job to take Wyatt back to her own bed when she tries to climb in with her parents. Recognizing that his options were “15 minutes of hell” from Wyatt in the middle of the night or 15 minutes of hell from Mila in the morning, he chose the former. So he scooped his daughter up and prepared to head back to her room.

But when he stood up with Wyatt cradled in his arms, didn’t realize his leg had fallen asleep - and after one step, he went down, hard. Careful dad that he is, Wyatt didn’t get hurt in the fall, but Kutcher knew something had gone terribly wrong. He woke Mila up and asked her to take Wyatt to bed, then flipped on the light to discover that one of his toes was now pointing the wrong way.

“When the kids come into the room at night, it can be more dangerous than you think,” he later joked.
At 3 a.m., he wasn’t too excited about the idea of dragging himself to urgent care, so he took his cue from the movies: he did “the Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon thing” and, in a cringeworthy move, snapped his toe back to its proper position.

Bonus: The tough guy moment was a big turn-on for his wife. “That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Kunis told him.

By the end of the night his daughter was back in her bed, his toe was back where it belonged, and his wife thought he was even hotter than before. Win-win!

If you’re working on getting your toddler to stay in bed, here are some tips you might find useful. Hang in there! This too shall pass - hopefully without a broken toe.
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