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Toddler Tells Dad She Loves Mommy More in Hilarious Viral Video

Toddler Tells Dad She Loves Mommy More in Hilarious Viral Video

“Not only do security cameras help protect you and your property,” comedian Justin Weissman wrote in a recent Facebook post, “every once in a while, if you’re lucky, they capture the most precious and humbling moments.”

This is how the dad captioned a video caught unintentionally by a home security camera outside of the family’s front door. In it, he and his daughter Alexis can be seen leaving the house one morning. As Weissman locks up, Alexis sweetly tells her father that she loves him - right before she delivers the most humbling burn.

“I love you, dad,” the toddler says.

“I love you too,” Weissman replies back.

The precious moment quickly turns hilarious when, without skipping a beat, Alexis follows up with, “not as much as mommy.”

Um, can someone call Tiffany Haddish and get this little lady on her Kids Say the Darndest Things reboot? Clearly, funny runs in this family - a fact that becomes all the more obvious when Weissman responds.

“Alright...thank you for that,” he replies as they continue walking out of the camera range. He hashtagged the post #justhowiwantedtostartmysunday, #atleastineverhavetowonder, #iappreciateherhonest and #mommydoesntdomickeyorkermitvoices.

The video, which has since been viewed 5.4 million times, was a massive hit.

“I absolutely love the interaction between the two,” one commenter wrote. “The little girl is adorable and the dad's response is so funny and sweet!”

“I’d be the worst father,” another joked. “I would have said ‘I love mommy more too.’ Hahaha.”
Some parents even shared similar stories involving their own children.

“My oldest was about her age when he broke something,” one mom revealed. “And as I am cleaning up the broken glass he said ‘Mommy I love you. You're pretty and beautiful and amazing,’ and I said ‘I know’ (because he used this line often). And then he added ‘Mommy? I only say that so I won't get into trouble.’ I know kid...I know...”

Weissman later chimed in in the comments section to let people know he’s not taking his daughter’s preference for her mom personally.

“You know what, she got dressed, ate her breakfast, didn’t spill anything and walked out the door with no fuss, and she loves me (just not as much as her mom), I’ll take that as a win any day,” he wrote.

Apparently, Weissman is used to coming in second place to his wife. In an earlier post, he shared a video that he and Alexis made for Mother’s Day. In it, the little girl lists off 13 reasons why she loves her mom, including, “She lets me be me” (we’re not crying, you’re crying) and “she spends a lot of money on me at Target” (to be honest, we’d love her for that too).

In that video, Alexis manages to squeeze in not one but two dad burns. When she gets to number six on her list, she says she loves her mommy because, “When she’s yelling at Daddy, her voice gets really high,” before dissolving into a fit of giggles at her own cleverness. At number 11, she declares her mom to be her best friend, before adding, “sorry Daddy!”

The whole video, which Weissman posted with the knowing caption “Always been about mommy since day one!” is adorable and worth a view if for no other reason than Alexis is wearing a Tigger costume throughout.
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