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Watch Chrissy Teigen’s Sweet Video of Legend and Kids Making Music

Luna and Miles are taking after dad John Legend with their musical talents! Yesterday, Chrissy Teigen posted a video to her Instagram account showing the three jamming out on musical instruments, while she dances in the background - and the internet can barely handle the cuteness
In the video, Legend plays the drums and keeps tempo with vocals, while 3-year-old Luna plays the trumpet and 17-month-old Miles, who also seems to be on vocals, shakes a little instrumental. That is, until he falls off the side of his chair.

The adorable video ends with Legend saying “uh-oh” (perfectly in tune with the rhythm, of course) as Miles takes a tumble off the chair he had been sitting on. In the caption, Teigen wrote, “The greatest video ever taken,” taking to the comments to explain that Miles wasn’t hurt. “He is fine!! Didn’t even flinch - the shattering glass sound is just a pile of chimes,” she wrote, later adding, “He said you can laugh.”

The internet loves the musically talented family, as the video already has over two million views and eight thousand comments. One person wrote, “Luna a true artist, just keeps playing.” Mile’s tumble is also getting a lot of reactions, as one follower wrote, “Miles rocking so hard he fell off,” while another commented, “Oh oh!! This is a wedding video for the future.”

This isn’t the first time the father-son duo have showcased their musical talents. Last month, Teigen posted an Instagram video of Legend and Miles playing the piano together ( during which Legend sang a heart-melting rendition of “My Favorite Things”).

The link between music and happiness isn’t a new one. Several studies have found that children who listen to music starting at an early age tend to be happier and actively engaged. Read to rock out with your own kids? Check out these top musical toys that hit the right note.
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