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24 Holiday Gifts to Make Any Baby Go Ga-Ga

24 Holiday Gifts to Make Any Baby Go Ga-Ga

The holidays are always a special time for celebrating traditions (old and new), but if it happens to be baby’s first Christmas - well, that calls for pulling out all the stops. Ornament? Check. Photo? Check. Outfit? Check. Baby’s first Christmas gifts? If you’re still working on that one, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the groundwork for you and figured out which are the best Christmas toys for your little one this year. Any of these baby Christmas gifts are sure to top off this special milestone and make it truly memorable.

Newborn Christmas Gifts: 0 to 3 months

Holiday shopping for your little ones is always fun, but baby’s first Christmas gifts have to be extra-special. From play mats to loveys, rattles and more, these age-appropriate presents will soothe and stimulate your little one.

Plush Security Blanket

If you’re considering gifting baby some Christmas stuffed animals, this is a perfect present for your little lamb. As soft as a marshmallow right out of the bag, this sweet, clutchable lamby will see your little one through long car rides, doctor visits and victorious battles with monsters in the closet.
Ages: Newborn to 36 months
Buy it: Jellycat Plush Security Blanket, $20,

Giraffe Rattle

Crafted of 100 percent Peruvian cotton, this sweet, squishy rattle is easy for tiny fingers to cling to and shake and ideal for encouraging baby’s fine motor skills and senses. Baby Christmas gifts that are adorable and development boosters? Yes, please.
Ages: 2 to 12 months
Buy it: Jumbo Giraffe Rattle, $29,

Play Mat

This activity gym from Yookidoo is a guaranteed good time. It features over 20 developmental activities, including the Magic Motion Track that attaches either to the padded arches overhead (perfect for when baby is lying on her back) or to the mat (ideal for tummy time or when baby is ready to sit on her own).
Ages: 0 to 12 months
Buy it: Yookidoo Gymotion Activity Playland, $90,

Night Light Projector

They call the first three months of baby’s life the “fourth trimester” for a reason. Add to your list of baby’s first Christmas gifts a special night light to help calm baby’s evening cries. It plays music and projects light patterns onto the nursery walls to soothe your little one to sleep.
Ages: 0 months+
Buy it: Infantino GaGa Musical Soother and Night Light Projector, $30,

Animated Stuffed Animal

This soft, huggable plush toy is so much more than just a stuffed animal—it flaps its ears, plays peek-a-boo and sings songs to delight your little one. It has our vote as one of the must-have baby Christmas gifts this year.
Ages: 0 months+
Buy it: Gund Baby Flora the Bunny Animated Stuffed Animal, $35,

Wooden Play Gym

It’s one of our favorite eco-friendly baby Christmas gifts. The height-adjustable frame is made of 100 percent birch and finished with nontoxic stains. The wooden teething toys are untreated Indian hardwood and buffed with vegetable seed wax. The animal rattles are hand-knit in Peru from organic cotton - and since they’re removable, they can double as stroller toys.
Ages: 0 months+
Buy it: Finn and Emma Play Gym, $108, Amazon

Baby Christmas Gifts: 3 to 6 months

Your little one is starting to explore the world around them—so the baby Christmas gifts you select should encourage their curiosity. Delight baby’s senses with musical toys, teethers, tummy time accessories and more.

Rotating Music Box

Babies at this age are beginning to discover their hands and feet, learn to roll over and maybe even sit up - so encourage them with cool Christmas toys that can engage baby with each new milestone. A winner of The Bump Best of Baby awards, this music box plays musical notes as it rolls, encouraging baby to push, roll and eventually crawl after it.
Ages: 0 months+
Buy it: Hape Rotating Music Box, $31,

Grape Baby Beads

Imagine the cuteness as your little one sits among her baby Christmas gifts nibbling on this cluster of wooden beads strung together on an elastic cord. The pieces can be twisted and turned into all different configurations, perfect for fine motor skill development. Each “grape” is about 1.5 inches across, which is a nice size for newbies to grab.
Ages: 3 months+
Buy it: Farmer’s Market Grape Baby Beads, $16, Amazon

Tummy Time Activity Toy

Propped up on this fun bumper, baby may be so taken with the mirror, teether, rattle, crinkles and textured toys that he’ll forget he’s doing tummy time! Those neck, shoulder and upper arm muscles will be getting stronger in no time.
Ages: 3 to 9 months
Buy it: Mamas & Papas Tummy Time Activity Toy, $30,

Musical Cube

Musical baby Christmas gifts like this Mozart Magic Cube will fill your holidays with sounds of joy - and harps, horns, pianos, flutes, and violins. This educational toy teaches budding composers how sounds combine to create masterpieces and encourages them to hit the colorful buttons and hear the instruments play.
Ages: 0 months+
Buy it: Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube, $25,

Vibrant Village Peek & Play Activity Book

The bold contrasting pattern of this book-playhouse hybrid will catch baby’s eye long after his other cool Christmas toys are played out. And the fun and learning just keeps coming, with a baby-safe mirror, ribbons for tactile play, a ladybug teether and a mushroom squeaker to teach cause and effect.
Ages: 3 to 12 months
Buy it: Vibrant Village Peek & Play Activity Book, $15, Amazon

Octotunes Musical Toy

A finalist in The Bump Best of Baby 2018 awards, this toy is perfect for introducing baby to fun colors, textures and sounds. Older babies will get a kick out of exploring each tentacle’s unique, full octave. Maestros, if you please!
Ages: 0 months +
Buy it: Lamaze Octotunes Musical Toy, $35,

Baby Christmas Gifts: 6 to 9 months

Baby is busy fine-tuning her motor skills (by grabbing everything in sight). Opt for baby Christmas gifts that she can finger, like clutching toys, rattles, balls and sensory activity boards.

Ball Pit

What kid doesn’t love to monkey around in a ball pit? Now babies as young as 6 months can get in on the action. The soft, easy-to-clean “pit” offers plenty of support and padding to keep little ones safe - just fill it with balls for baby to roll, toss and explore. For wow-worthy baby Christmas gifts, it doesn’t get much better than this.
Ages: 6 months to 4 years
Buy it: Soft & Safe Cozy Ball Pit, $80,

Clatter Frog Clutching Toy

Baby Christmas gifts (the best ones, at least) can be magical in their ability to charm an infant with their simplicity. And here’s a prime example. This cheerful wooden croaker makes a soft rattling sound. Does baby spend as much time gnawing on it as shaking it? No worries: It’s finished with a nontoxic, water-based stain.
Ages: 6 to 18 months
Buy it: HABA Clatter Frog Clutching Toy, $15,

Hedgehog Accordion Toy

This woodland critter is so easy to push, pull and make music, even for little hands. It even has movable beads attached to work baby’s fine motor skills. Aren’t cool Christmas toys the best?
Ages: 6 months+
Buy it: Skip Hop Hedgehog Accordion Toy, $15,

Activity Board

A standout educational toy among our picks for baby Christmas gifts, this mod busybox is the ultimate cause-and-effect lesson. Turn the dial to hear a heartbeat at different volumes; slide the knobs to change the flower’s color from red to blue to green; and press the button to make the bee buzz and vibrate slowly or quickly.
Ages: 6 to 18 months
Buy it: Kid O Activity Board, $40,


These baby Christmas toys look deceptively simple, but your child gets lots of play options with three balls, which shake like mini maracas! They split into six halves that can be mixed and matched, and linked together to roll. They can also be stacked, which helps build dexterity and hand/eye coordination.
Ages: 6 months+
Buy it: Mirari Juballees, $15,

Sophie La Girafe So’Pure Bath Toy

Looking for baby Christmas gifts that literally make a splash? Soft, 100 percent natural rubber and baby-friendly paint makes this adorable bath toy safe to chew. The ring design makes it easy to grasp, and it’s completely sealed, so no water can get inside.
Ages: 6 months+
Buy it: Sophie La Girafe So’Pure Bath Toy, $20,

Owl Baby Rattle

Looking for quality wooden toys to add to your baby Christmas gifts list? Shake things up with this clacker-style rattle. The ring design makes it a cinch for your tiny tot to hold onto. Clack. Giggle. Repeat.
Ages: 6 months+
Buy it: EverEarth Owl Baby Rattle, $15,

Baby Christmas Gifts: 9 to 12 months

Presents that baby can push, pull and chase are bound to be winners this year. After all, your tiny tot is probably on the move! Our picks for best baby Christmas gifts boost little ones’ fine and gross motor skills and sensory development.

Press ‘N Go Monster Truck

Found: one of the best baby Christmas toys of the year! This silly guy takes off when baby presses down on his head. Don’t be surprised when your reluctant crawler is suddenly scooting across the floor to catch up with his new pal.
Ages: 9 months+
Buy it: Fisher-Price Press ‘N Go Monster Truck, $8,

Pull Back Vehicles

Another one of our favorite baby Christmas gifts to encourage baby’s motor skills, these pull back vehicles from Melissa & Doug are perfect for older babies ready to grasp and pull. Once they’re pulled back, these plush cars zoom off - to little ones’ great delight.
Ages: 9 months+
Buy it: Melissa & Doug Pull Back Vehicle Set, $22,

Wobbling Chicken

This little chicky’s head dips and bobs as your child pushes him. He’ll always stay upright, no matter how he’s rolled or spun around, thanks to the special way he’s balanced. Handmade from sustainably harvested birch and beech, this wooden toy will be among your child’s favorite baby Christmas gifts for months to come.
Ages: 9 months+
Buy it: Wobbling Chicken, $35,

Rollobie Baby Toy

When this little buddy is rolled across the floor, its belly spins, which activates a rattle inside. Voilà! A cause-and-effect discovery for baby. And a twist of its horns makes it wake up or go to sleep. Shhh!
Ages: 9 months+
Buy it: Rollobie Baby Toy, $15,

Dimpl Sensory Toy

Rounding out our list of favorite baby Christmas gifts this year is the Dimpl sensory toy from Fat Brain Toys. Little fingers love to explore—and they won’t be able to resist these vibrant silicone buttons in varying sizes and colors. Babies can push them all the way in to pop them through to the other side—so simple, yet impossible to put down.
Ages: 10 months+
Buy it: $13,
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