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60+ Awesome Holiday Gifts for Kids and Toddlers

60+ Awesome Holiday Gifts for Kids and Toddlers

It’s that time of year again - holiday shopping! (Ho, ho, ho.) Overwhelmed by the endless parade of Christmas toys in every store aisle and online catalog? To keep the holiday cheer afloat, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, curating the latest and greatest Christmas toys for girls and boys. Now, finding the perfect holiday gifts won’t call for making a list and checking it twice. Get ready to call your holiday shopping a wrap, STAT, so you can be your jolly, festive self again.

In this article:
Toddler Christmas gifts (ages 1 to 3)
Christmas gifts for kids (ages 3 to 5+)

Toddler Christmas Gifts (ages 1 to 3)

Your little angel isn’t a baby anymore, but not exactly a big kid, either. So what Christmas toys are the best for this in-between stage that will thrill and delight (and even boost development)? We’ve figured it out for you. Here are the top toddler Christmas gifts for boys and girls.

Symphony Croc

Toddler Christmas gifts that are music to the ears? Found! Your little one’s first music class is in session! This all-in-one crocodile instrument Includes a drum, metallophone, guiro wooden block and bell. It comes with two mallets, making it perfect for play date duets.
Buy it: Haba Symphony Croc, $40,

Interactive 100 Words Book

Learning new words has never been more fun. Guided by pals Turtle, Tiger and Monkey, toddlers can broaden their vocabulary by touching the words on the pages to hear them spoken aloud, along with exciting sound effects and fun facts. Bonus: The words and songs can be heard in both English and Spanish, making it one of the best toddler Christmas gifts for bilingual families.
Ages: 18 months to 4 years
Buy it: Leapfrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book, $18,

Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

Few Christmas toys can serve up smiles like this petite play food truck. The best parts? The light-up grill, the cash register that “reads” the menu cards and the recycle bin (it’s never too soon to learn eco-friendly habits). Order up!
Ages: 18 to 36 months
Buy it: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck, $63,

Animal Matching Game

The traditional preschool matching card game is brought to life with this hands-on toddler Christmas gifts version. As your little one tucks the critters into their correct homes, she’ll pick up knowledge of shapes and colors.
Ages: 18 months+
Buy it: Animal Matching Game, $49,

Melissa & Doug Playful Puppy

How much is that doggy in the window? Under $20 and requires zero visits to the vet. Toddlers will love walking this playful puppy - its tail wags when pulled, delighting little ones as they learn to walk and helping to strengthen their gross motor skills.
Ages: 18 months+
Buy it: Melissa & Doug Playful Puppy Pull Toy, $19,

Smart Snacks Number Pops

Among our picks for toddler Christmas gifts, consider this the perfect multi-purpose toy. It’ll give little ones practice counting and recognizing numbers and colors. Each pop shows a number of dots, while the cover shows the numeral and color. Plus, as your toddler slides the covers on and off, his fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination get a boost.
Ages: 2 years+
Buy it: Learning Resources Smart Snacks Number Pops, $16,

Duplo Fun Family Fair

Designed specifically for tiny hands, this building kit from Lego lets little ones relive all the fun of county fairs, from the rotating carousel to slides, gumballs, ice cream and more. They’ll have so much fun building, they won’t suspect they’re honing their motor skills and critical thinking while they’re at it.
Ages: 2 to 5 years
Buy it: Lego Duplo My Town Fun Family Fair Building Kit, $40,

Tree Top Adventure Activity Toy

You know those awesome wooden activity stations they have in preschools? Here’s the colorful, at-home Christmas toys version. Four learning quadrants offer different toddler-favorite activities, such as bead runs and gliders.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: The Manhattan Toy Company Tree Top Adventure Activity Toy, $81,


If you put this on your little one’s wish list, be prepared for the grandmas to duke it out over who gets to buy it. A truly wow-worthy toy, it’s at the pinnacle of top toddler Christmas gifts. Multi-directional casters roll in all directions, so it’s easy for kids to work on gross motor skills and balance. The cushioned, comfy body of this pretty porker can be wiped clean (bonus!).
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Prince Lionheart Wheelypig, $71,

Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

All the kids will be screaming for ice cream this holiday thanks to this sweet play cart. Toddlers can use the magic scooper to create tasty sundaes, all the while learning the names of colors, flavors and toppings, and how to count to 10. The cart even has wheels, so kids can take their burgeoning ice cream business on the go (and work their gross motor skills as they push). Hooray for educational Christmas toys!
Ages: 2 to 5 years
Buy it: Leapfrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart, $40,

Elk And Fox Looping Rocker And Stacker

Part of the charm of this table-top wooden gem is that it features a silly elk and a sly fox, two creatures rarely seen in a nursery. And they have felt ears and tails, and springy necks! The base rocks back and forth as beads or marbles are added or taken from either side. When it’s perfectly balanced, ring the bell!
Ages: 1 to 3 years
Buy it: Janod Elk And Fox Looping Rocker And Stacker, $34,

Bunny Push Toy

Sometimes, the simplest Christmas toys are the most enduring. The toddlers we know would push and pull this carrot-nibbling rabbit around every day.
Ages: 1 to 3 years
Buy it: Hape Bunny Push Toy, $23,

Elmo & Friends Dough Activity Set

When it comes to holiday gifts for the toddler crowd, Christmas toys that feature Elmo are sure-fire winners. Kids can recreate their favorite Sesame Street faces out of (organic) dough! Use the tools (made of 100 percent recycled plastic) to stamp out the shapes, then accessorize with the pop-out features and have fun with the double-sided activity card.
Ages: 2 to 8 years
Buy it: Green Toys Sesame Street Elmo & Friends Dough Activity Set, $19,

Mona Doll Mona

One of the sweetest toddler Christmas gifts on our list, this classic soft doll sports chenille hair, embroidered features and a dress that’s easy to take off and put on. Handily, Mona is machine-washable, since your little mommy will be taking her new baby with her everywhere she goes.
Ages: 18 months+
Buy it: HABA Mona Doll, $30,

Peace, Love, And Star Stack And Play

If you thought Chewbeads, the baby-safe jewelry for moms, were a smart idea when baby was teething, here’s the equally genius older-kid version among our Christmas gifts for toddlers. Not only does this stacker look nice enough to leave out when company comes, but the pieces are chewable, medical-grade silicone, BPA-free and can be popped in the dishwasher.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Chewbeads Peace, Love, And Star Stack And Play, $25,

Farmer’s Market Chicken Pull Toy

Let the imaginary play begin! This is no ordinary pull toy: The chickies—each of which squeaks, crinkles or rattles—actually detach, leaving room for your toddler to make up stories about the chicks and their whereabouts.
Ages: 18 months+
Buy it: The Manhattan Toy Company Farmer’s Market Chicken Pull Toy, $36,

Buggle Wuggle

Few toddler Christmas toys are as sturdy - or cute - as this ride-on, which is just the mode of transportation to get your little one to wherever his imagination leads him. The bug’s two squeaky horns light up, and there’s storage under the seat for a stowaway stuffie.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Buggle Wuggle, $44,

Hape Mini Band

For little ones who love to bang on instruments (and really, what toddler doesn’t), grab some musical Christmas toys for a-rockin' good time. And this one really sings: The all-in-one music machine features a xylophone, drum, drumsticks, cymbal, guiro, and clapper.
Ages: 2 years+
Buy it: Hape Mighty Mini Band Wooden Percussion Instrument, $30,

Myland Dino

This super saurus is deceiving in its simplicity. Place the brave rider on the dino’s back and it comes to life, making prehistoric-esque sounds, such as exotic bird calls and stomping wild animals, that change along with the dino’s movements.
Ages: 2 years+
Buy it: Kid O Myland Dino, $20,

Tiggly Shapes

Toddler Christmas gifts go high-tech with this (super-innovative) iPad accessory that teaches spatial reasoning and language skills using four shapes. No WiFi, Bluetooth or batteries are needed.
Ages: 2 to 5 years
Buy it: Tiggly Shapes Interactive Learning Games, $30,

Wooly Plush Owl

Toddlers love stuffed animals, but the perfect one can take a while to find. Your search is over: We’re wild over this fine furry friend, with his funky textures and floppy limbs, among our favorite Christmas gifts for toddlers.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: RH Baby & Child Wooly Plush Owl, $22 (6 inches) or $34 (11 inches),

Built It Car, Boat, and Plane

Sure, toddlers love playing with cars, boats, and planes. But what’s even better? When they can build the vehicles themselves. These Christmas toys are perfect for budding engineers, who can mix and match the pieces with the help of the play screwdriver.
Ages: 2 years+
Buy it: Learning Resources 1-2-3 Build it! Car, Boat, Plane, $15,

Giraffe Grasping Toy

Think of this as the precursor to the Rubik’s Cube for the toddler set. The nine hardwood segments of this patient giraffe swivel, pivot and rotate into lots of different configurations. Fine motor development can’t be far behind.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Melissa & Doug Giraffe Grasping Toy, $10,

Magnetic Blocks

These may look like traditional blocks, but small magnets are safely hidden inside, so they click together irresistibly. This 14-piece set of Christmas toys has columns, short and long planks, cubes and parallelograms.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Tegu Magnetic Blocks, $35,

Jellies Bath Toy

This year, the Christmas toys are headed to the bath! This translucent jellyfish suction to the tile, tub and each other. ‘Nuff said.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Boon Jellies Bath Toy, $11,

Pierre Gift Set

Here’s a suggestion for all those family members clamoring for your list of perfect Christmas gifts for your toddler. Grandparents will love wrapping up this handknit brown bunny and Peekaboo, Pierre! board book describing his adventures.
Ages: 2 years+
Buy it: Blabla Kids Peekaboo Pierre Book, $8,; and Pierre Rattle, $26,

Tobbles Neo

Be prepared: These Toddler Christmas gifts can be as addicting for parents as they are for kids. Each of the six spheres is weighted differently, so they balance, nest and spin in many more ways than you first imagine. It’s a good way for your tot to work on fine motor skills and coordination.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Fat Brain Tobbles Neo, $27,


If you have a few small Christmas toys stashed away but are still looking for the big present for under the tree, this may well be it. The wagon is the perfect size and shape for toddlers and preschoolers to tote by the 100 percent cotton rope handle. Made in the USA, it’s supremely sturdy.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Green Toys Wagon, $18,

ABC Walking Trolley

Steady your new little walker (okay, runner) with this unique learning cart. It’s tricked out with 20 wooden alphabet blocks with upper and lower case letters, an abacus, wooden wheels with colorful pinwheel designs and rubber grips.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Janod ABC Walking Trolley, $61,

Fire Truck Pull Toy

It’s best to learn early in life that you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole. Among the old-timey Christmas toys, this one teaches precisely that. Plus, it’s loaded with a bead runner and spinning fireman and dog.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: The Manhattan Toy Company Fire Truck Pull Toy, $30,

Christmas Gifts for Kids (Age 3-5+)

Your blossoming big kid is likely starting to voice plenty of ideas (read: opinions) about the Christmas toys that show up under the tree. No matter: we’ve put together a list of Christmas gifts for kids that won’t disappoint your little elf.

Magic Scene Creator

Our childhood fantasy just became reality for our kids: The pictures they draw can come to life. Yes, really. (Or at least, digitally.) They just have to put the action cards on the screen of this toy. The wheels on the car they drew will start to spin, for example, or the wings on a bird will begin flapping.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Crayola Magic Scene Creator, $20,

My First Workbench

Now that your child has those fine motor skills down-pat, let your little builder get busy with a workbench. Christmas toys like this are perfect for introducing STEM concepts at a young age. Kids can hammer in nails and drill bolts into the bench to create colorful patterns.
Ages: 3 to 6 years
Buy it: Educational Insights Design & Drill My First Workbench, $44,

Slice & Toss Salad Set

Preschoolers often love helping out in the kitchen. Give your kid a thrill by wrapping up this show-stopping pretend play salad kit. The 52-piece set includes felt salad greens in realistic hinged containers, sliceable wooden veggies, proteins, toppings and two dressing bottles that squirt string!
Ages: 3 years+ Buy it: Melissa & Doug Slice & Toss Salad Set, $19,

Light-Up Building Bricks

Building with bricks is cool. Even cooler? Building with light-up bricks that glow in the dark! If you’re looking for Christmas toys that’ll make your kids’ eyes light up, this is it. There are no wires to hassle with—children simply turn on one of the base bricks, start stacking and bask in the glow of their unique creations.
Ages: 3 to 11 years
Buy it: Lakeshore Light-Up Building Bricks Master Set, $80,

Elena Of Avalor Doll

If you’re the mom of a little girl, you’re no doubt familiar with Elena. The It girl of The Disney Junior network, she uses her enchanted scepter to protect her kingdom, Avalor. With this toy, your daughter can feel like a crown princess right in her own home.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Disney Elena Of Avalor Power Scepter, $17,

Lego Organic Food Market

Now your kids don’t have to wait until Saturday to hit the local farmer’s market. This adorable Lego set, meant for junior builders, comes with pieces to build a food market truck, vegetable crate and table stand, a picnic table with seats and more. When you’re hard-up on Christmas gift ideas for kids, Lego is a go-to brand.
Ages: 4 to 7 years
Buy it: Lego Junior Mia’s Organic Food Market Building Kit, $20,

Dot Creativity Kit

Can robots be adorable? We think so. Case in point: Dot, a diminutive robot with a colorful personality. She (with the help of the real mastermind: your kid) powers DIY projects that involve problem-solving and storytelling.
Ages: 6 years+
Buy it: Wonder Workshop Dot Creativity Kit, $80,

Kinetic Sand

Trust us, this is one of those Christmas gifts for kids that’s equally enjoyed by adults. Like magic, this special sensory sand sticks to itself (meaning you don’t have to vacuum up bits of sand after playtime). Perfect for building sandcastles and more, without the need to hit the beach!
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: The Only and Only Kinetic Sand with Folding Sandbox, $30,

Odette The Ostrich

This glam stuffed animal is sure to elicit high-pitched squeals of delight when opened among all the Christmas toys. This lanky lady has silky “feathers” and a funky allure. As far as Christmas gifts for kids go, this one is legs and shoulders above the rest.
Ages: 1 year+
Buy it: Jellycat Odette The Ostrich, $33,

Dado Cubes

Every bit of artwork your preschooler produces is a masterpiece to you. And each configuration of these blocks, no matter how your kid puts them together, will look like a masterpiece to everyone else too. The slits on each cube interlock to make any number of museum-worthy structures, all while boosting visual-spatial development.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Fat Brain Toys Dado Cubes, $29,

Soft Breakfast Set

It’s the classic preschooler pretend game: serving up a piping hot breakfast to family and friends (and their favorite dolls). With this adorable felt food set, everyone can enjoy a hearty helping of pancakes, eggs and fruit.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Pottery Barn Soft Breakfast Set, $29,

Beat Bugs Glowies

The Fab Four live again! Squeeze any of these fuzzy fellows to hear a classic Beatles song, straight out of the Beat Bugs TV series.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Beat Bugs Glowies, $17,

Robot Engineer

For Christmas gifts for kids who are into robots, pick up this engineering kit with a companion storybook. First, read the funny tale of two kids on an adventure in a candy factory, and then build the robot models.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: The Thames & Kosmos Kids First Robot Engineer, $45,

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Have a little daredevil on your hands? These Christmas toys are sure to keep him occupied. The planes are designed to perform amazing tricks. Just run, jump and stomp to launch them! Kids can change the launch angle and decide to fly with a head or tailwind to adjust how these planes fly.
Ages: 5 to 12 years
Buy it: Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes, $30,

Coji Robot

Your budding programmer will have a ball problem-solving with this robot that speaks the language of Emojis. Download the app to control COJI via your smart device. He also reacts to physical touch, such as tilting or shaking, with pre-programmed (and pretty hilarious) responses.
Ages: 4 to 7 years
Buy it: WowWee Coji the Coding Robot, $34,

Electro Dough Kit

As a lesson in surprising sources of electricity, follow the recipe to make a conductive dough (yes, there is such a thing), and then use the parts in this kit to create simple circuits and fun shapes that buzz and light up.
Ages: 4 years+
Buy it: Electro Dough Kit, $17,

Vintage Pretend Kitchen

For the kid who loves to cook, why not get them a kitchen of their own? This gorgeous kitchen set - one of our favorite Christmas gifts for kids - boasts incredible attention to detail. It features a fridge, freezer, microwave and cabinet doors that open and close, oven knobs that click and turn and a rack that slides out, raised burners, a cordless phone and a removable sink for easy cleanup.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: KidKraft Vintage Kitchen, $120,

Think & Learn Teach And Tag Movi

The aptly-named Movi is on the move. An eager playmate on a rainy day, this guy scoots around the house with 360 degrees of mobility, ready to play games. He teaches your kid to follow directions and think critically, and perhaps most impressive, he has more than 60 facial expressions that change during play.
Ages: 3 to 6 years Buy it: Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach And Tag Movi, $34,

Zoo Mountain

Lions and tigers and…you get the picture. This set includes seven zoo residents, a zookeeper and a felt pond tucked inside the soft mountain, which doubles as a carrying case, thanks to the fabric loop. Among our top picks for Christmas gifts for kids, this playset is the perfect backdrop for social skill development through pretend play.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: The Manhattan Toy Company Zoo Mountain, $32,

Melissa & Doug Art Easel

For emerging artists, this multi-use easel is a must-have among Christmas gifts for kids. It includes a chalkboard, dry-erase board, locking paper holder and two removable art supply trays, and is height-adjustable to keep up with your growing little genius.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Standing Art Easel, $70,

My Great Beanbag Toss

Whether for a playdate, birthday party or just a Sunday afternoon, this retro-looking bean bag game sets up in a doorway in a cinch. Instead of balls, kids toss stuffed birds for a dose of silly fun.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: My Great Beanbag Toss, $39,

My First Chess Set

All hail the king and queen…of the jungle, that is. Christmas gifts for kids that check off problem-solving, memory building and concentration - this animal-themed chess set does all three. It’s time to challenge your child to a match.
Ages: 5 years+
Buy it: Vilac My First Chess Set, $32,

Think & Learn Rocktopus

With this rockstar of Christmas toys, kids are in control of their musical creations. They can add or subtract instruments, adjust the tempo and add sound effects, and the Rocktopus will respond to every musical instrument as kids insert or tap them.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus, $83,

Marco Bath Toy

A bath can be as much fun as jumping in the pool if your child washes up with Marco (as in Polo). His diving helmet sports a water-activated light that changes color as he bobs along with his head peeking out of the water.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Boon Marco Bath Toy, $12,

Cubetto Playset

Cubetto, a friendly wooden robot, takes coding off the screen. Kids guide Cubetto with a programming language they can touch. Drawing, building a jetpack, dancing around a forest and navigating a maze are a few examples of what a custom-algorithm charged cubetto can do.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Primo Toys Cubetto Playset, $225,

Let’s Go Shopping Cash Register

Christmas toys that encourage imaginary play are always a smart bet—and this cute talking cash register is just the thing for little cashiers to ring up their customers. It has all the features of the real thing, from a barcode scanner that beeps and flashes to a scale that plays a tune as kids load it up with pretend product. It even offers a quiz mode that tests kids on their numbers, letters, math skills and more.
Ages: 18 months to 8 years
Buy it: Lakeshore Let’s Go! Shopping Cash Register, $40,

Paper Bag Monsters

Want Christmas gifts for kids that celebrate crafting? This kit includes everything to make five puppets. Each project comes individually wrapped, so hearing “I made it myself!” has never been faster or simpler.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Alex Toys Little Hands Paper Bag Monsters, $10,

Rideamals Scout Play & Ride Pony

Looking for some Christmas gifts for kids that make a big impression? If your kids have been asking for a pony, here’s your solution. This kid-size ride-on toy features motorized eyes, ears and wheels. Your horse-loving kiddos can hear munching noises as they feed Scout a tasty treat, watch the ears move as they brush the mane and go for a musical pony ride with three speed settings.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Rideamals Scout Pony, $389,

Leappad Ultimate

Not quite ready to hand over your iPad to your preschooler? Enter this kid-proof first tablet, preloaded with math, reading and science games, personalized to your child. (Games and learning levels are adjusted based on his progress.)
Ages: 3 to 6 years
Buy it: Leappad Ultimate, $100,

Les Zig Et Zag Harmonica

One of the most popular musical instruments in the collection from beloved French toy company Moulin Roty, this painted wooden harmonica features a horse, friendly wolf and mouse.
Ages: 3 years+
Buy it: Les Zig Et Zag Harmonica, $10,

Moonlite Story Projector

Calling all bookworms! Rounding out our list of favorite Christmas gifts for kids, the Moonlite Story Projector offers a whole new way to experience stories. This pint-size projector clips onto your smartphone and using its flashlight casts amazing illustrations from classic books onto the walls the ceiling. A sweet addition to any kid’s bedtime routine.
Ages: 0 months+
Buy it: Moonlite Story Project for Smartphones, $28,
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